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Ramesh Rao Blog How will 2024 Housing Market Perform?   What will happen to the housing market if the interest rates come down? This is a very frequently asked question whenever I meet clients and friends. I thought I would address that question for the benefit of you. When mortgage rates trend down and the stock market itrend up as currently happening, it can […]
Ramesh Rao Blog As interest rates climb, Silicon Valley buyers are putting a larger down payment Who has $235,183 lying around in a bank account? The average homebuyer in Silicon Valley, apparently. That’s the median down payment for a home in the San Jose metro area — and it’s on the rise. In the third quarter of 2023, the median down payment in San Jose reached nearly 25% of purchase price, […]
Ramesh Rao Blog Learn the 10 steps to being Safer from Wildfires Every action under Safer from Wildfires will qualify you for an insurance discount. By doing more, you can save more. Read the full text of the new Safer from Wildfires insurance regulation. Class-A fire rated roof – Most roofs qualify including asphalt shingles, concrete, brick, or masonry tiles, and metal shingles or sheets. Wood shake […]
Ramesh Rao Blog 2024 Hot Color Picks for a Seasonal Refresh Every year, color forecasters and paint companies bring a burst of fun to the industry when they release their color of the year. Another perk is their creative language to describe the colors and the mood they’re trying to evoke. Companies have started rolling out their 2024 color picks, and sharing the news can be […]
Ramesh Rao Blog Homebuilders Embrace Age-Friendly Design, Deliver Comfort for All Many homeowners consider making age-friendly home upgrades only after they face a challenging situation like a fall. By regularly talking with clients about aging-in-place modifications and sharing tips and trends, you can prepare them for aging at home. Such routine conversations can also position you as a trusted advisor when your clients need to make […]
Ramesh Rao Blog Make Informed Remodeling Decisions, Maximize ROI Given the changing real estate market, clients may wonder whether or not to renovate and question which projects should take priority. They also may be interested in which upgrades provide the best return on investment (ROI). A recent Fixr report, Home Remodeling Statistics and Trends of 2023, sheds light on remodeling trends, homeowners’ spending habits, and interior […]
Ramesh Rao Blog FENG SHUI PLANTS: WHERE TO PLACE PLANTS IN YOUR HOME Choosing the best feng shui plants is only part of maximizing the energy flow in your space. It’s also crucial to place the plants in the correct areas or “zones” to promote wellness, both for yourself and the plants. Here is a simple guide to the best places to put your houseplants according to feng […]
Ramesh Rao Blog HOW TO DECORATE USING CONTEMPORARY INTERIOR DESIGN While many think of “modern” interiors as cold and uncomfortable, the contemporary design style provides a more comfortable version of the modern aesthetic. Contemporary design is an excellent place to begin if you’re interested in finding inspiration for a minimalist but welcoming décor. To use this design style in your own home, here are some […]
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Ramesh Rao Blog MARKETING MINUTE Buy on the Bad News and Sell on the Good News This is a perfect time to invest in real estate as a way for wealth creation.  Being a Contrarian is a perfect strategy at this time.  Although the inventory of homes in the Bay Area is low, the sellers are willing to negotiate as […]
Ramesh Rao Blog IS “WALKABILITY” THE NEW AND TRENDY LUXURY REAL ESTATE AMENITY FOR HOME BUYERS? Whether you believe it’s a resurgence of health-consciousness among homebuyers of all income levels, a return to a more “continental lifestyle” that values sidewalk cafes and leisurely strolls along grande metropolitan avenues, or a post-pandemic appreciation of fresh air and freedom from restrictions, there is no doubt that Americans today increasingly embrace neighborhood walkability as […]
Ramesh Rao Blog DON’T ASSUME THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH A HOUSE THAT’S BACK ON THE MARKET If a home sale is pending and then the house goes back on the market, people often assume that the prospective buyer backed out after discovering a major problem with the property. That’s not necessarily true. If you see a house that has been relisted, don’t assume that there is something wrong with it. There […]
Ramesh Rao Blog THE BENEFITS OF HOUSEPLANTS Spending time outdoors surrounded by nature can improve your physical and mental health in a variety of ways. Bringing nature inside can also be beneficial. Here are several reasons why you might want to add some plants to your home. Plants Can Improve Indoor Air Quality Pet dander, cleaning products, and other contaminants can create […]
Ramesh Rao Blog WHAT IS A ‘SUBJECT-TO’ SALE? Ordinarily, when a homeowner sells a property, any outstanding mortgage balance gets paid off. If the buyer needs a loan to purchase the house, the buyer obtains a mortgage that has nothing to do with the seller’s loan. In a “subject-to” sale, the buyer takes over the seller’s existing mortgage and begins making payments. The […]
Ramesh Rao Blog HOW TO STAY SAFE WHEN YOU GO HIKING Hiking is an excellent way to get some exercise and connect with the natural world, but it can be risky. Be aware of the dangers you might encounter so you can prepare and stay safe on your hiking trip. Research the Area  Learn about the place where you’re planning to hike. Find out how long […]
Ramesh Rao Blog DO YOU NEED CATASTROPHE INSURANCE? A standard homeowners insurance policy covers many types of perils but doesn’t cover everything. Sometimes homeowners find that out the hard way – they assume that a policy covers something that it doesn’t, then feel surprised and dismayed when their property is damaged or destroyed and their insurance claim is denied. Don’t let that happen […]
Ramesh Rao Blog WHAT IS A TRANSFER OF PHYSICAL ASSETS? When a homeowner with a conventional mortgage sells a house, the outstanding loan balance gets paid off with proceeds from the sale. The buyer might take out a new mortgage to purchase the property or pay with cash. If the owner has a mortgage approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), things […]
Ramesh Rao Blog HOW TO MAKE A ROOM WITH A LOW CEILING SEEM MORE SPACIOUS Older homes often have low ceilings. While you might enjoy the character and charm of a historic house, low ceilings can make it feel small and cramped. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to trick the eye and make a room with a low ceiling seem larger than it really is. Select Furniture That […]
Ramesh Rao Blog A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO PAINLESSLY GOING GREEN You’ve heard the warnings about global warming, you feel compassion for stranded polar bears and you worry about overwhelming the landfills. As a homeowner, you may not be ready for composting, but there are ways to become an eco-friendlier household. Ecologists provide simple but useful tips that even the laziest activist can use to do […]
Ramesh Rao Blog BASIC HOME EMERGENCY PREP TIPS FOR BEGINNERS Emergency preparedness is vital for every homeowner. Unfortunately, learning about emergency preparation can become overwhelming very quickly. There are a plethora of options on the market, and it can quickly feel like you can never buy enough emergency prep items. If you are just a beginner who wants to be reasonably prepared, there are some […]
Ramesh Rao Blog 5 TIPS TO PET-PROOF YOUR HOME Bringing home a pet can be an exciting time, but just like with a small child, there are certain precautions you must take to ensure your home is ready to house a pet. Keeping your new pet safe is paramount, and these five tips can help ensure that your home is a safe and comforting […]