The Silicon Valley is the birthplace of the video game industry



Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County's second most populous city under San Jose, is rich in high-tech innovation and aerospace and defense technology. Home to the Atari HQ — creators of classics like Pong, Pac-Man, Asteroids, and more — in the 20th century, this major city in Silicone Valley is where video games were born. After WWII, Sunnyvale also became home to major aerospace companies in the industry, like Ford Aerospace Division and Lockheed, fueling the thriving economy and employing many residents.

Today, the economy is still booming, with a lower unemployment rate than the national average, a higher job market increase, and a predicted job growth of 41.4% over the next decade. In addition to plenty of job opportunities, the vibrancy of technology in the community (and surrounding communities!) fuels competitive schooling and excellence in education.



  • Conveniently located to major Bay Area high-tech companies
  • Surrounded by more expensive Los Altos, Cupertino neighborhoods with good schools
  • Excellent public and private schools



Sunnyvale enjoys long, warm, and sunny summers that allow residents to enjoy the abundance of natural beauty in the community most, if not all, year-round. As a result, parks like OrtegaSerra, and dozens more are hotspots for gathering and outdoor activities. And thanks to its tech-savvy and innovative environment, Sunnyvale is also a very forward-thinking and advanced community with a strong entrepreneurial spirit among residents.



When you're looking for something delicious, Murphy Road in Downtown Sunnyvale is the perfect street with excellent restaurants, coffee shops, and ice cream shops. Not only will you discover the joys of Dishdash Middle Eastern Cuisine and Off the Rails Brewing, but there are many more fine Italian, Mexican, and American restaurants.

High-end retail shopping is often done at Civic Square Shopping Mall and Cherry Orchard Shopping Center, although there are dozens of other great options like Isabella Boutique. When it's time for a night out, however, Pure Nightclub is where you'll find the most upscale night spot with VIP access and Live entertainment.



There's a lot to do in Sunnyvale, from its performing arts theater, Sunnyvale Theatre, and local history museum, Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum, to a plethora of internet cafes for video gaming, like Euphnet Cyber Cafe and Calibear Cyber Cafe. But nothing compares to the festivities that only come around once a year!

In Sunnyvale, it's the Sunnyvale Arts and Wine Festival, which is an annual event with fine local beer and wine and shopping. They also have some of the coolest experiential events for kids, often put on by the Sunnyvale Art Club.



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