Ramesh Rao Blog September 27, 2023


Emergency preparedness is vital for every homeowner. Unfortunately, learning about emergency preparation can become overwhelming very quickly. There are a plethora of options on the market, and it can quickly feel like you can never buy enough emergency prep items. If you are just a beginner who wants to be reasonably prepared, there are some low-cost and free tasks and items to check off your list.

Have Non-Perishable Supplies Stocked

Keeping a reasonable supply of non-perishable goods is key in any emergency. You should have at least some potable bottled water and some emergency food rations. Don’t be intimidated. If you are just beginning, having a small storage of extra items that you already eat can be a great start. You don’t need to jump to buying a giant container of dehydrated food flakes immediately. Keep things simple at first.

Add Yourself to Your Local Emergency Alerts

Local emergency alerts are very important to receive. Adding yourself to a list can ensure that you will be emailed or sent a text with important information.  If a pipe were to burst in your area rendering your water unsafe to drink or if an evacuation is required in your neighborhood, you will want to know as soon as possible. Adding ourselves to these lists can give you that essential information quickly.

Buy a Small Radio

A battery-operated radio is essential when power is out, and you are trying to learn about any important information during an emergency. If an emergency occurs, cell phone towers could experience outages due to an overwhelming amount of calls. An inexpensive battery-operated or crank radio may help you get the vital information you need.

Keep Your Insurance Updated

In the event of a natural disaster, your first priority will be the safety of your family. After this has been secured, there will be the matter of dealing with any financial and home damages. Be sure that you are giving yourself the least work possible when dealing with this procedure. Ensure that your insurance is up-to-date and that you have documented your belongings, including recording any essential information about expensive items within your home.

Take a First Aid Class

You never know what situation you could find yourself in. Taking a first aid class could be a life-saving decision. First aid classes are relatively inexpensive and can prepare you to be able to help with emergency situations and day-to-day injuries.