Ramesh Rao Blog September 27, 2023


Bringing home a pet can be an exciting time, but just like with a small child, there are certain precautions you must take to ensure your home is ready to house a pet. Keeping your new pet safe is paramount, and these five tips can help ensure that your home is a safe and comforting environment for your new furry friend.

Cover Your Trash Cans

Curious pets may intrude on your garbage if they think they could garnish a delicious meal. Be sure that you keep a lid on your trash can so your pet doesn’t attempt to eat something that could hurt them. Some food for humans is actually toxic to dogs and cats, and a hungry pet may be tempted to eat a food wrapper (causing intestinal blockage) or may stick their head in an empty food bag, causing constricted breathing.

Remove Toxic Plants

House plants and outdoor plants alike can be toxic to your pet. Before you bring home a furry friend, be sure you know which plants are okay to stay in your home. The lily plant, for instance, is extremely toxic to cats, so you will want to remove these from your home before your curious new friend attempts to take a bite.

Remove Choking Hazards

Just like a small child, curious pets may attempt to swallow a toy left out. If you have children, be sure they clean up any toys to prevent a dangerous situation. Small toys can cause a choking hazard, but a new puppy may be tempted to chew on a larger toy causing any toy to be a potential danger.

Move Chemicals to Secure Areas

A curious pet may accidentally spill or may chew on any chemical bottles that were left out in the open. Be sure to lock any hazardous materials out of reach. Now is also a good time to swap out your cleaning supplies for verified pet-safe versions to ensure that you don’t make your pet sick during your next cleaning day.

Install Fencing

Fencing can boost your home’s sellability while ensuring your pet’s safety. This makes fencing an expensive–but worthwhile investment. Consult with a local company for a quote or DIY your fence. Either way, your new pet will love having a secure place to play outdoors.