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Ramesh, we lived in our Cupertino home for 17 years. Leaving it was not easy. So much left behind as the family grew and moved on. Remodeling was not simple because I wanted to give it at its best. Fortunately YOU had all the right people to work on it. Most of all YOU were there to monitor and track everything... dates and progress of the work must come together as planned because we were short of time. I was already working far from home then. It felt like a thorn was pulled out of my being. We were very successful. We were very content with the result. You helped me prepare and be ready to give it up. I was very happy. 

Then came the purchase on a new home in a new place. Since this will most likely be our retirement home, we have all the specifications embracing the ambiance for "golden years" . 

It was tough because we do not know the place very well and no friends who actually live in the city we chose. Through your company I obtained a weekly list of all houses for open homes and for sale in the city and nearby communities. It made my search easy and organized. Of course I also used the internet. 

This last purchase through no fault of our party was the toughest we have encountered. When we sold our house you emphasized to declare everything that i know, even though it may seem trivial as it may be important for the buyer. If only the seller did their part this way, it would have been a breeze. You were there for us. You drove this far and stayed all day for the complete inspection of the house; listening with us to the detailed findings of the inspector. You coached us how to take care of the problems from the inspection. When trouble came on the last minute, you were there all the way. It took days to settle the problem. You sought help from your company day and night to insure our safety with the deal. Relentlessly your worked. You did not falter or succumb until we got what we wanted and what was rightfully for us. I can't imagine if your were not there, if it was someone else. 

I thank God for guiding us in choosing you. 
Thank you Anita for allowing Ramesh to give all the time to visit and discuss with us day or night whenever we can come home to Cupertino. Thank you for sharing the comfort of your home during those times. 

So I recommended you to my sister and you sold her house. Then she recommended you to her son and he bought a house. You are not just a friend to clients. You are a family too because you do care. I know we can trust you. Nothing can beat that.

Grace Ang, MD - Cupertino

Impeccable work ethic. Reliable. Trustworthy. Personable. Talented. Smart. FUN! I've worked with Ramesh for several years and give him the highest recommendation.

Aileen Casanave. Corporate Counsel