Customer Testimonials

Praveen P, Cupertino, CA

We were so fortunate to have found Ramesh Rao to help us buy our home in Cupertino, CA. He was a joy to work with - pleasant, explained clearly what was going on and is extremely knowledgeable about the local market. Particularly during this COVID Pandemic, where there is uncertainty everywhere, Ramesh ensured that we felt comfortable all throughout the process. As our Realtor, Ramesh helped find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. He was patient and accommodated all our questions and requests to visit the properties and worked with us in making reasonable offers that stood out. He spent time to understand our needs as working parents of two very young kids who want everything closeby, and in every house we visited called out what works for us and what doesn't. In short, he was always on our side working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with Ramesh was that he was always more focused on answering our questions, giving us good advice, and finding homes that met our needs than he was on closing a deal. We would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house in the Bay Area.

Patty, Sunnyvale, CA

First let me start by stating this was my first time selling a home and buying a home at the same time. It can be an extremely stressful and daunting experience. I interviewed 7 agents and Ramesh stood out instantly. Where do I start. First, he's extremely pleasant with a calm demeanor. He walked through every stage of the process and really made sure I understood all of the steps from beginning to end. Each time during his initial presentation he would stop to see if I had any questions, and truly didn't leave a detail out. So many of the other agents just drop off their fancy book and don't even take the time to crack it open to explain the data and details behind the sale. He really made me feel like I was in good hands and that he wanted only the best for me. He was always so prompt with replies whether it was via text, e-mail, or phone. He made me feel like I was his top priority. He really has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the market, your potential buyers and the best way to get top dollar. He walked me through steps before they happened, so nothing was ever a surprise. He also has a great team. From his assistant Glendora who was always on top of her game, to his inspectors and escrow offer. I was guided through each step of the process with such ease and professionalism across the board. Even after the sale he checked in multiple times to see how I was doing, and even let me know of a package that had been lost in transport for 2 months and finally was delivered to my old home. I was able to pick it up at his house and we spent some time catching up. Again, making me feel like he was more of a friend than an agent. I don't anticipate ever selling again, but I would most definitely refer him to anyone and everyone who is looking to sell or buy a home. Who knows, if I win the lottery, I'll be buying up lots of homes, and Ramesh will definitely be my agent of choice.

Srinivas Sista, New York, NY

Ramesh Rao, Realtor with Coldwell Banker was appointed by me to sell 6226 Bothell Circle, San Jose, CA 95123 around the beginning of the year 2020. The house was a rental and the tenants left on December 31 and the house was in a state of diisrepair. It was left in terrible condition and I had moved to New York and I asked Ramesh to help me fix it and sell it. 

Ramesh undertook the challenge and organized multiple activities to make the property sellable. He interviewed contractors and picked the best one who undertook the project and rebuilt the interior with proper building permits and made the home pleasant and livable again in record time by March 2020. Ramesh refused to take any shortcuts and insisted that investing in rebuilding the home would fetch its own rewards!

 Just then the pandemic broke! Ramesh was left with the arduous challenge of selling the home at a time when “SHELTER  IN PLACE ORDERS” were in place. Ramesh organized staging and virtual tours of the home so that buyers could get the feel of the place even though they were unable to actually see the home. 

Ramesh persisted and found a buyer in spite of all the difficulties. His efforts paid off and he was able to sell the property for a very fair and equitable price!

Kudos to Ramesh. Honest and Trustworthy Realtor.  I would recommend him to all my friends with real estate needs. 

Patricia Campbell, Sunnyvale, CA

Hiring Ramesh has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  He’s local to the South Bay so he’s got extensive knowledge about the area and has a stellar team to assist him.  He’s always extremely responsive whether by text, email or phone and he’s available pretty much at all hours.  He’s flawless in his execution when it comes to the step by step process of selling a home.  I will most definitely refer him to anyone and everyone that wishes to sell or buy a home.

Dr. Leonard Cook, Los Altos, CA

Without question you are a true professional that takes care of all of the needs of your clients.
Congrats to you for an awesome journey into the selling of my five properties.  Stay safe and the
very best.

Sridhar Vajapey, San Jose, CA

I worked with Ramesh Rao on a 1031 exchange, selling my Condo in Milpitas and 
purchasing a house in Livermore.  The process is a lot more complicated than just buying
or selling a house.
Ramesh helped close the sale after doing multiple open house events as the market
was slow. He also helped stage the condo and it was done very well.  The condo was
well advertized through various methods. Through the loan process with the buyer,
there were some complications and delays on the buyer's side and Ramesh was on
top of the issues. Due to the buyer's loan delays the house closed 3 weeks later than
original plan. He managed to keep the pressure on the buyers through their agents
and provided them with contacts of alternate loan agents.
On the 1031 buying side, we saw the house and bid on the property. There were 3
bidders and Ramesh was very proactive and guided us through the process.  He managed
to sweeten the pot with the sellers in a multiple bid scenario through non-financial 
methods to secure the house for us.
Thanks Ramesh for your help.

Srinivas Sista, Cupertino, CA

Ramesh Rao is a consummate professional who has aggressively marketed my home to a successful sale and closure in record time this spring of 2019. 
He took charge of the sale in a very positive and professional way and recommended bold positive steps for the sale of the property.
His preparation for the sale and aggressive marketing techniques were truly appreciated by me. He pushed me into action as was necessary without undue pressure. 
The open houses and marketing materials were high quality and well appreciated by the potential buyers. His orchestration of the photography and videography were superb. 
He also helped me with decisions of a personal nature! 
Ramesh is a terrific realtor and I would highly recommend him for all your real estate dealings,

Michael Tkachuk 
Director Business operations, Monte Sereno, CA

We have known Ramesh for 9 months but worked with him very closely over the last 2 months while buying a property in the Bay area. Ramesh has been instrumental in helping us to understand the property market, the schools specifics and many other variables of life in the bay area. 
Needless to say, Ramesh is highly experienced and knowledgeable of the real estate but also of many other items that matter for a family to live in California. 
We highly recommend Ramesh to our friends and colleagues at work as well as social network!

Grace Ang, MD, Cupertino, CA

Ramesh, we lived in our Cupertino home for 17 years. Leaving it was not easy. So much left behind as the family grew and moved on. Remodeling was not simple because I wanted to give it at its best. Fortunately YOU had all the right people to work on it. Most of all YOU were there to monitor and track everything... dates and progress of the work must come together as planned because we were short of time. I was already working far from home then. It felt like a thorn was pulled out of my being. We were very successful. We were very content with the result. You helped me prepare and be ready to give it up. I was very happy. 

Then came the purchase on a new home in a new place. Since this will most likely be our retirement home, we have all the specifications embracing the ambiance for "golden years" . 

It was tough because we do not know the place very well and no friends who actually live in the city we chose. Through your company I obtained a weekly list of all houses for open homes and for sale in the city and nearby communities. It made my search easy and organized. Of course I also used the internet. 

This last purchase through no fault of our party was the toughest we have encountered. When we sold our house you emphasized to declare everything that i know, even though it may seem trivial as it may be important for the buyer. If only the seller did their part this way, it would have been a breeze. You were there for us. You drove this far and stayed all day for the complete inspection of the house; listening with us to the detailed findings of the inspector. You coached us how to take care of the problems from the inspection. When trouble came on the last minute, you were there all the way. It took days to settle the problem. You sought help from your company day and night to insure our safety with the deal. Relentlessly your worked. You did not falter or succumb until we got what we wanted and what was rightfully for us. I can't imagine if your were not there, if it was someone else. 

I thank God for guiding us in choosing you. 
Thank you Anita for allowing Ramesh to give all the time to visit and discuss with us day or night whenever we can come home to Cupertino. Thank you for sharing the comfort of your home during those times. 

So I recommended you to my sister and you sold her house. Then she recommended you to her son and he bought a house. You are not just a friend to clients. You are a family too because you do care. I know we can trust you. Nothing can beat that.

Varun Mangla, Fremont, CA

It was a complete pleasure working with Ramesh to find our dream home. He was extremely patient and meticulously helped us through each step of the process. The best part is his knowledge is all encompassing and we benefited immensely with his advices pertaining to real estate, mortgage, escrow etc. Unlike other realtors he is passionate about making a lifelong relationship with his clients and is happily available for further assistance anytime. In short, he made our experience absolutely magical with his expertise and immaculate market assessment. 

Yashaswini Kotresh Data Scientist, Apple, Sunnyvale, CA

Working with Ramesh made the house buying process very simple and easy for us. This was our first home purchase and Ramesh made sure to explain us the relevant details that we needed to know to make sure we were making an informed decision. He helped us identify the big things we should look for in home purchase while ignore the small things that can be updated / changed easily without much expense. Another important aspect is that Ramesh did not just help us with home search but also explained the entire process of securing a mortgage, escrow, etc and we knew what to expect throughout the process of closing the home. He also worked with our banker and escrow team to minimize work from our end as much as possible. We highly recommend working with him. He comes with great experience and contacts in the bay area and there were multiple times when seller agents were looking forward to working with him (we did not close on those homes as they did not work for us, but it was good to know his reputation in the industry). Overall, a great realtor to work with. 
Michael Newman.   Retired , Sunnyvale, CA

Ramesh was very helpful and made the selling of my property extremely fast and easy. He referred me to many experts to help me make my home ready for sale. He was always available if I had any questions and gave me great suggestions.
Prakash Bettadapur. President, Campbell, CA

Ramesh Rao is a great Real Estate Buyer, Customer Representative and a great negotiator. He is very sincere and conscientious. He helps to find great deals and helps his customers immensely. He looks out for the welfare of his customers by providing knowledge that helps them. He recommends properties that meet his customers' needs, and provides options on what they choose to optimize/save on their taxes. He has been especially helpful to the seniors in the community in recommending how they can downsize and benefit from many tax provisions. I love to work with him.
Anonymous. Happy home owner

Ramesh is a trail Blazer. He is NOT the run-of-the-mill realtor. He is thorough, systematic and methodical. His biggest attributes are perseverance and diligence to get his clients the best deal and bring them over the finish line.  

We engaged with Ramesh to secure our dream home. Ramesh had multiple meetings to understand our situation and provide insights and guidance. He is NOT pushy. He tailor-made scouts on MLS and also off-market properties because of his position at Coldwell Bankers and his vast network.  

When we found the home we liked, he represented us so well that it resonated and connected with the seller-side. He prepared letters and made a case for why we should be considered seriously. Our offer was on the low side but he managed to hold the fort by connecting with the sellers on a personal level while working with us on what best could be done to win the deal. I would call this a diving catch against all odds and is a testament to his commitment and determination to win for his clients. 

Ramesh has an amazing style and a finesse that is impressive. He is soft and gentle yet persistent and will hold your back. The actual work of a realtor happens behind-the-scene and all the ground work, preparation and networking. 

We are very grateful to Ramesh and wish him the best. We have NO hesitation to refer him along and will continue to do so. Thanks Ramesh!!!
Shubha & Pratyush Buyer - San Jose, CA

Ramesh helped us purchase our first home in the Bay Area and we cannot imagine having gone through this process with anyone else. We were first time home buyers and knew very little about the process itself. Ramesh guided us throughout, patiently answering all questions, helping & enabling us make the right decision each step along the way. In addition to the best-in-class service overall, there were two things about Ramesh's service that really stood out for us: 1. He accompanied us to all open home viewings, and guided us through all pros and cons that one should take into account. His eye for detail, call outs on practical things to watch out for, tactical advice on prioritizing must haves vs. trade-offs was very valuable. It helped us tremendously in building our confidence to make decisions while having the peace of mind that someone has our back on this! 2. Another aspect of Ramesh's service was his great professional network/ecosystem that helped us wade through all the financial aspects so smoothly. Big shout out to Ramesh, and Sue Baker & team at Princeton Capital that made this daunting and overwhelming process so smooth for us. Thank you for helping us buy our first home, and your continued support to help make sure everything goes smoothly even after closing.
Sunil Bharitkar, Scotts Valley, CA

Ramesh and I knew each other from us working at the same tech company years back. I used to receive his periodic emails on real estate issues which were incredibly valuable. Recently we decided to move to the Bay Area and I decided to reach out to Ramesh. That was the best decision I made. Ramesh really is a down to earth and going out of the way to help you person. A genuine and transparent person that during this process became a lot closer to him. My wife also really liked him and grew to trust him to a very high comfort level. I wish him the very best and look forward to seeing him and his family regularly!
Siddharth Sakthidharan Software Engineer, Fremont, CA

Ramesh was introduced to us by an uncle, who Ramesh had assisted in buying a home in the 90s. 
My wife and I were first time home buyers and knew very little about the home buying process. We had very vaguely defined parameters in terms of the kind of homes or even the neighborhoods we were interested in.. 
Ramesh was extremely professional and honest throughout the process. Ramesh is very knowledgeable and empowered us to make decisions confidently. 

He accompanies us to open homes for several months and helped us narrow our search criteria.The close relationships that he has with multiple lenders also helped tremendously. 

If you are looking for someone, who has your best interests at heart and can think from your perspective, look no further. 

In the 6 months that it took for us to find our dream home, Ramesh has become a very close and trusted friend to my wife and me. 
Thank you for everything!
Melody Russell Realtor

Thank you for the great job you did on the buyer side in our transaction together Ramesh. I will be referring you when the opportunity arises for Silicon Valley transactions and I hope we have the opportunity to do more smooth transactions together in the future. :-)
Anatoly Shteynberg PhD, San Jose, CA

Extremely professional and experienced. Knows perfectly Real Estate Business. 
Well prepared to assist a customer to sell or buy a property, advise on loans terms 
and alert on house conditions. Follows closely the Market dynamics. Could provide an excellent recommendation on time for selling or buying a property. Very family oriented person, fully understands the issues of raising the children and selection a location with great schools. Proud to be his friend.

AC & Sonya Manjunath, Sunnyvale, CA

We recently purchased a property and are happy to mention that Ramesh was our realtor who helped us in every step in the is process. We were pleased to have Ramesh represent us in our housing search. Ramesh demonstrated professionalism, enormous patience and understanding in catering to our housing needs and enabled us to fully explore our housing options. 

We have no hesitation in recommending Ramesh!

Adam Agee  Mortgage Loan Officer, Sunnyvale, CA

Ramesh is an excellent agent. He got me all the contact information that I needed the very first day the borrower went into contract. Ramesh didn't push but stayed in close contact with me as needed. Our borrower's loan closed on the scheduled close of escrow date without any issues. It was a pleasure to work with Ramesh and I highly recommend him as a realtor.
Nisha BhatSoftware engineer
Ramesh is friendly, calm,kind and fun to talk to. He helped us buy our home in Campbell.

Grace Ang MD, Cupertino, CA

We have known Ramesh for 15 years. Our family is blessed he is our neighbor, firiend and family. He is highly intelligent, very knowledgeable, organized and always pleasant to speak to. He remains humble and trustworthy. He helps in anyway he can at anytime. Most recently he helped me find someone to sell my house which is far from his territory. He patiently helped me understand the process of selling a house. My house sold in 8 days! 

I strongly recommend Ramesh without any reservation. I am certain he will serve you and he wont fall short of your expectations. He is the "GUY TO GO TO"
Akshay & Supriya, San Jose, CA

Ramesh helped us in the process while we were looking to buy our first home. He is very professional, well-informed about real-estate market and effective. He was available to answer our questions any time of the day/night clarifying all our concerns and pointing out pros/cons of any property we were considering. We highly recommend him to anyone looking out to buy a house.
Sheila Mohan  Cupertino resident

We have known Ramesh Rao for several years, and have no hesitation recommending his services. He has always been a person of integrity and a great communicator, with a nice sense of humor. We were excited when we found out that he has resumed his career in real estate, and plan to recommend him to any of our friends who are looking to buy or sell. 

Ilya Avrekh Homeowner, West San Jose

Ramesh helped us to buy our house almost 20 years ago, but we still remember his professionalism and are always happy to see him. He is a man you can rely on!
Manmeet Wirk, Pleasanton, CA

Ramesh works with total dedication and integrity. He is passionate about every opportunity that comes his way. Listens to the clients requirements and comes up with a solutions based on their needs. Communicative and completely dependable he is heading towards being one of the top Realtors in California. He maintains a "can-do" attitude throughout all of his transactions. If a deal can be put together - Ramesh will get it done.
Sudha Sreenivasan, Saratoga, CA

Ramesh is very knowledgable about all aspects of home maintenance and repair. He has helped me maintain my home by connecting me with right set of people to take care of things that are needed to maintain the quality of my home. He is very helpful and is always there to answer any questions I may have on all these topics.  

He follows up with all communication in a timely manner and is extremely dependable.
Dolly, San Ramon, CA

Ramesh is a person that demonstrates high level of professionalism, service and competence throughout the process. He works with you as a team and exhibits great communication. 
He is hardworking and dedicated person who is ready to go to any extent to help . He has great negotiation and convincing skills. He helps his clients through the whole process and makes experience of working with him very pleasant.  

Ramesh demonstrates his experience when you hit an issue and Ramesh would very calmly solve that to your utmost satisfaction. 

And finally,Ramesh is a very good person at heart. He takes it upon himself to keep the clients interests at the top of his list. He is always available to answer questions and calm frayed nerves. Whenever there is any question or concern, Ramesh gets back immediately .. 

In summary, if there is one word that can describe Ramesh that would have to be AMAZING. We would highly recommend him . 
Hemant AhluwaliaTeam Leader, FedEx Express.

I have known Ramesh for the last 18 years. He is a man of great integrity. He has helped me with various aspects of real estate and finance. Ramesh is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and courteous. I would highly recommend him for any real estate dealings.

Galen Walters.  Retired Engineering Manager

I am happy to recommend Ramesh Rao for his proven ability in Real Estate negotiations and contract law. Ramesh has strong people management and verbal communications skills and has a proven track record in delivering results. 


Ramesh brings a wealth of business knowledge and the ability to connect with an individual's needs and concerns- a combination that makes him an outstanding real estate professional. His energy is unparalleled working tirelessly once a buyer's objectives, which he deftly helps to crystallize, whether they are personal or investment goals. He plays the role of a trusted adviser in all opportunities under consideration. He has a wealth of local knowledge and a real eye for opportunities with potential upsides. Ramesh is the trusted agent, especially in this market.

Aileen Casanave.  
Corporate Counsel

Impeccable work ethic. Reliable. Trustworthy. Personable. Talented. Smart. FUN! I've worked with Ramesh for several years and give him the highest recommendation.
Krishna & Latha Krishnan, Cupertino, CA

20 years today, since Ramesh, helped us find our home - exactly what everyone in our family wanted. Now he is working on getting us another house for our girls. A very keen listener & observer, we will recommend him any day. 
Nina YamaguchiManaging Broker

Clients are indeed fortunate to have Ramesh as their advocate. He is diligent, intelligent, and a genuinely nice person. Ramesh is passionate about real estate and about providing top notch service to his clients. Coldwell Banker is very lucky that he is part of our team.
Sue Baker-Dirickson Sr Mortgage Planner

Ramesh is a very detail oriented, extremely professional and caring Realtor. I have worked with him and his clients and consider him one of the Best! 
Rakesh Kumar Software Director, San Jose, CA

Ramesh has been my realtor for the past 24 years and I will strongly recommend him to anyone who is interested in any real estate transaction. I bought my first home with the help of Ramesh which continues to be a perfect decision made 24 years ago. Ramesh is very balanced in his opinion and conducts research to a great depth prior to giving any opinion. He is very accessible and has vast knowledge in the area of real estate. It has been a pleasure to work with Ramesh and his services will prove to be an asset for anyone interested in performing a real estate transaction.
Nandita and Prabhath, Milpitas, CA

Ramesh helped us buy our first house in a seller's market. He always made it a point to spend the time to answer every question we had and walked us through the entire process in a detailed manner, without making you feel rushed. At the end of the day, we are happy that our first home buying experience was smooth and professionally managed by Ramesh!

We got our first home in USA with the help of Ramesh Rao in 1994. Ramesh understood our requirements, budget and other considerations and showed us a few homes in Cupertino and Sunnyvale area. As we dealt with him, both I and my wife found him honest, straight forward and always giving priority to our requirements. Our children became friendly with him too. In a relatively short period, we zeroed in on the house. Ramesh helped us close the deal, getting us finance and guided through the paperwork. We happily lived in that house for 17 years and a few years back sold it three times over its cost. 

Sanjay Mathur, Cupertino, CA
I heard that Ramesh is back recently as a full time Realter. Good for him and the community. I have no reservations in recommending Ramesh to my family and friends and to anybody in the South Bay community.